Birthday Wishes For Triplets

Birthday Wishes For Triplets

Triplets are rare blessings from God, and if you are lucky to be the parents, friends, relatives or siblings to triplets you should do your best to let them know how special they are and how much you love and adore them.

Are you about to celebrate the birthday of triplets? Take a cue from our collection of birthday wishes for triplets. Send them heartfelt messages that will touch their hearts and remind them of how blessed you are to have them in your life.

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Birthday Wishes For Triplets Babies

It’s triple Bonanza! Triple the joy, triple the love, triple the hugs. Wish you three a very joyful life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The pleasure of having triplets is unparalleled, you’ve got to see three people who love each other, play together, who wears the same cloth but are totally different. Happy Birthday amiable triplets!
May this life bring you thrice the love and thrice the adventures! Happy birthday to my favorite triplets.
Happiness is when you’re a parent for triplets; your joy becomes triple. I wish your children a fabulous birthday.
In life, something’s are never planned, but they do happen for a reason. Having triplets once was never my idea, but it has changed my whole life. Happy birthday to my greatest blessings.
You are my favorite pair of triplets, and today being your birthday, I want to wish you an awesome birthday full of joy and laughter.
Sending lovely wishes to the three lovely stars that are brightening and shining in every way. God bless you three. Happy birthday.
To me you are three unique souls united by birth. Have fun as you celebrate your birthday with those around you, happy birthday, you are loved!
I hope this beautiful day and the coming year will bring you closer to achieving all the wonderful goals you have set for yourselves. Enjoy your special day with all the happiness you deserve.
You three are never alone and there’s always another buddy to call your own. That’s the greatest benefit of being triplets …everything is twice as nice. Happy Birthday, Triplets!
There is no set of triplets who are as cool as you three. Three of you make a unique pair, which we can never find. I hope you three will be happy forever and always. Happy birthday, triplets!
As you three fight over almost everything, I’ve brought wishes for you three. May you have a blasting birthday!
Your mother asked God for one baby, now she’s blessed by three. Have the best dance as triplets.
Happy Birthday triplets, you all are a blessing to our family; always remember that you are unique and phenomenal.
I am proud to be the friend of the most wonderful triplet sisters in the world. Enjoy your special day, my beautiful friends.
Wishing a deliriously happy birthday to my favorite triple girls. You girls are very special and I am grateful you let me into your lives.
Wishing the cute triplets a delightful day. May your lives get filled with God’s blessings! Happy birthday.
You three came into our lives at unique moments, you all share wonderful qualities, something that brings pleasure. Happy Birthday our great triplets. Three is indeed better than one. Enjoy your special day.
This is a truly beautiful day because it is the birthday of my favorite set of triplet in the whole world. You all bring nothing but happiness. Wishing you three the happiest and most beautiful birthday ever.
A birthday is even better when it’s for three, because you have three fantastic people to celebrate and sing to. Happy Birthday to three fantastic Angels!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Triplets

Here’s to the most beautiful, amazing and awesome triplets in the world. Thanks for brightening our lives with your amazing abilities. Happy birthday, triplets!
Only a few lucky ones get triplet brothers who become the lifetime true friends; you three are that lucky one. Happy birthday to the lovely brothers.
Beautiful things happen to the beautiful people, so I wish you guys the most beautiful birthday ever.
Luck found me in life when I had you. It wouldn’t even be in my widest dream, that I’ll be blessed with triplets. You’re all worth more than anything to me.
I am yet to meet triplet brothers that are as adorable as you guys. May all your dreams come true this year and the years after. Happy birthday, my dearest friends.
I woke up today wondering why the day was so beautiful and then I suddenly remembered it’s your birthday and I understood why. Wishing my favorite triplets a very happy birthday.
Today is a special day for the most adorable triplets in the entire world. I consider myself blessed because I have you guys in my life. And on this special day, I want to wish you guys an extraordinarily happy birthday. May all your dreams come true!
You are my favorite triplets, and today, as you celebrate your birthday, I want to wish you three a wonderful birthday full of joy and laughter.
May your first birthday together be the start of many wonderful birthdays to come. Happy Birthday, Triplets! You’re Super Wonderful.
You’re three peas in a pod, Friends by choice, related by blood! Love always wins, Happy birthday, triplets!
One party is not enough today, I think we should triple the party as we have three bundles of joy and happiness. Best wishes for the best triplets.
My little babies are growing up so fast, I am super happy to be the mother of such blessed cuties. Have the best birthday, I love you my darlings.
Triplets are triple blessings that is rare amongst humans, happy birthday to spectacular beings who have a beautiful and loving heart.
Here’s to the most beautiful and awesome triplets in the world. Thanks for brightening my life with your friendship. Happy birthday!!
It’s a great blessing for a woman to have two daughters and a son who were born in the same year, on the same day and in the same hour. May God bless you my amazing triplet babies.
Happy Birthday to three unique people who are one, Having you guys around just triples up the fun. May you enjoy the best day of the year. Enjoy your special day.
When I asked for the best things in my life from God, he brought you three into my ordinary life. You have added more joy, more happiness and more to my life. Happy a wonderful birthday my dearest triplets.
Triple the trouble, triple the laughter and triple the love! Happy birthday to the best triplets in the world!
We wish the coolest triplets in the world a wonderful birthday. May all your dreams and desires never slip away from you. Now let’s celebrate and make this day even more beautiful and colorful. Happy Birthday!
A more wonderful set of triplets I could never find. On this day, may your lives be blessed with a lifetime of happiness. Have a truly gorgeous birthday!
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