Golden Jubilee Wishes For Nuns & Priests
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Golden Jubilee Wishes For Nuns & Priests

Fifty years of devoted service to God and His works is a huge accomplishment. The first word that comes to mind would have to be CONGRATULATIONS!! Send a heartfelt congratulatory message and prayer to that priest or nun that the oil of the Lord upon their life will never cease.

In this article, you will find ideal messages, wishes and prayers to share with a priest or nun on their 50th anniversary celebration.

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Golden Jubilee Messages & Prayers For Nuns/Priests

To celebrate your golden jubilee, the church sends you greetings and wish you many more years of good health and abundant grace to serve the Lord all the days of your life. Happy 50th anniversary.
50 golden years of your life, You have lived for christ and helped in spreading his word!! Happy 50th anniversary!! May heaven reward all the sacrifices you have made for the church of God.
We can see the love of God when we look at you; love that is known to be unbreakable, unshakable, unconditional and infinite. Your devotion to the things of God is an inspiration to us young nuns, may you stay happy for the rest of your life. Happy 50th Anniversary Reverend Sister _________.”
As we celebrate this day, my wish is that God grants you 50 more years to live and do his works; so that our church can learn from you. Happy 50th Anniversary Sir!
Happy Golden Jubilee Celebration! We pray that the example of the many years of your faithful priesthood will be a source of inspiration for all priests, and awaken in young people their own call to service in the church for the salvation of souls.
Generous God, giver of all good gifts,
we praise and thank you for our priests, nuns and the church.
and for allowing us to witness the golden jubilee of our beloved priests and nuns.
May the joy of this gathering and the food we share
be signs to us of your constant love.
Bless us and the food we eat
and give us grateful hearts to sing your praise
now and for ever. AMEN.
You have created golden memories through your service to God and the things of the lord and my wish for you is that you have more years to enjoy the love of God as you continue your service as a priest. Happy 50th Anniversary.
It has been an amazing journey with you Reverend Father_______, characterized by lessons and growth. You are unique, priceless and a true blessing to my family and the church. This marks the beginning of another 50 years of joy, love, and the grace to love the works of God even more. Happy 50th Anniversary.”
As you reflect back on the 50 years of your service as priests and nuns, may every memory bring a smile to your faces and strength for another 50 years in service to the church of the Lord. Happy golden Anniversary!
Congratulations to our most cherished priest and nuns. Our prayer for you today, May God continue to bless the love in your hearts for his works and the church with an ever-deepening faith. Best Wishes on your 50th anniversary!

Golden Jubilee Wishes & Prayers For Nuns/Priests

Beloved Creator God,
You have brought us, rejoicing
to our Golden Jubilee.
We remember with gratitude,
the countless many,
those living and those now in glory,
who established and fostered
our parish faith community.
We celebrate your call to us,
each as one, and as families in Christ,
to be a welcoming community for all;
to worship together, to proclaim your word,
and to respond to human needs.
We believe that your Spirit of Love
will deepen in us as we go forward,
our faith in Christ Jesus,
who lived among us,
died, was raised up,
and who will come again.
Faithful God, on this Golden Jubilee,
we, your beloved people,
entrust our priests and nuns to You,
renewing ourselves in faith, hope and love
for Your greater honour and glory.
Blessed are you, Lord, loving God of all creation:
you have made us your beloved
and have showered gifts upon us.
We thank you for the life of our priests and nuns.
and for their (50) years of religious service.
Continue to fill their hearts
with love for you and for each other.
Bless the church, bless them,
and all their relatives and friends.
Lead us all through this life
to eternal happiness with you.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN
You have been a good example to us as a church and as your family. Your prayers and love gives us the courage to face our trials in life. Happy 50th Anniversary Reverend!
Almighty God
With joy in our hearts, we offer you our praise and thanksgiving as we celebrate the Golden jubilee of our priests and nuns.
We thank you for your precious gift of the holy spirit, through which countless of your children have been called to serve you.
Above all, on this happy anniversary, we thank you for the constant commitment of our priests and nuns, to the selfless Christian service of the church and your people.
Pour your richest blessing upon them, we pray, and grant them many more years of committed service to the works of God.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord
Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you for the grace and blessings you have given to our nuns during the past 50 years of service as sisters. We celebrate and recall the day when they were ordained as nuns. We thank you for being with them on their daily journey through life as ambassadors of christ. Grant them their heart desires and fill them up with a burning desire to serve you more. Congratulations on your golden jubilee celebration.
Sending congratulations and good wishes on this day. 50 years you have served the Lord in the most special way. May this anniversary bring happy memories to you. May the days ahead be filled with many blessings
For our Holy priest as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of your ordination to the priesthood, I pray that Jesus the High Priest will continue to renew, increase, and strengthen in you the graces received at ordination as you carry out his sacred ministry in the Holy Church.
Father of mercy, we come before you with gratitude for the golden jubilee of our priest/nuns whom you have chosen for your works. Support them with the Spirit’s gifts so that they can continue to preach the Gospel with holy zeal and lead the church with wisdom and strength and courage. May their example of long and faithful service be an inspiration to other priests, nuns and to all your faithful. We ask this through Christ our Lord
Happy 50th anniversary to our beloved nuns. We wish you many years, with the lords grace ever sufficient in your lives to guide you and lead you in all you do.
Celebrating a Golden Jubilee is not celebrating an accomplishment. It is not saying, “Look what I have done! I’ve lasted 50 years!” No, celebrating a Golden Jubilee is (for me) an act of gratitude for the gift that has been given to me: 50 years living as a Sister of Notre Dame. It is saying, “Thank you, my dear and loving God, for this life I have been given.
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