Happy 21st Birthday Messages

Happy 21st Birthday Messages

Turning 21 is a huge moment in the life of every young adult, a milestone that is worth celebrating. At the age of 21, you become legally recognized as an adult, earning the right to do all things that a proper adult does. Like drinking, clubbing and taking full responsibility for your actions.

If you know someone that is about to turn 21, this is a great time to wish them the very best and throw in that advice that would come in handy in dealing with adulthood.

Below, we have compiled an array of happy 21st birthday messages that you can use to wish your friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew or niece the very best as they turn 21.

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Happy 21st Birthday Messages To A Friend

The benefits of turning 21 are exciting and endless. I hope you enjoy every single one of them. Wishing you a ridiculously fun 21st birthday!
Welcome to your big 21st year on earth. My best friend is getting older and I can’t help but admire the changes. Everything comes beautifully for you. Explore the new age with fun. Happy birthday!
You are made for the best in life, you can’t see less than that right now. So, cheers to my best friend as you celebrate your 21st year on earth. Isn’t it amazing that you are now growing to become independent? I love you, dearest friend.
I wish you a blissful 21st birthday, best friend. I keep praying for your success and I hope to see it come true this new age.
I hope this birthday brightens your life and gives you the inspiration that you need to keep believing and succeeding. Happy 21st birthday to my best friend.
Enjoy your 21st birthday sweet, best friend. You have the whole day and all beauty to yourself. Your 21st birthday and every day of your life is blessed. Happy birthday to you.
I’m always proud of you. You make the world amazing for me and surely, this new age will be the beginning of new things for you. It’s your sweet 21st birthday and I wish you all the sunshine that comes with this new age. Happy 21st birthday, dear friend.
Happy 21st birthday! May your skies always shine with the beautiful rays of the sun – today and all the days of your journey on this planet.
You’ve finally walked into the world of real adulthood. I hope you enjoy every beautiful thing that resides in that fabulously exciting world. Happy 21st birthday bestie!
Happy birthday, buddy, and congratulations on turning awesome 21 today! May this beautiful age be the beginning of several decades of happiness and great accomplishments for you.
Your birthday means a lot to me and I join everyone celebrating with you today to wish you all of the best that the world has to offer. You are lifted in all of your ways, best friend. Happy 21st birthday to you.
A special birthday to a special person on a special day with a special love. Aren’t you feeling special already, my good friend? Yes, you are really special and I love you. Happy 21st birthday sweet friend!
Happy 21st birthday to you, best friend. I wish you every bit of awesomeness and a life of purpose all the way. I celebrate your uniqueness.
To my charming friend, 21 looks good on you and I can only wish you the best. This is the beginning of great exploits for you, dear. Enjoy your new age.
I wish you a life free from strife and pain. You have all the world ahead of you, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. Enjoy your 21st birthday, friend.
Cheers to a beautiful 21st birthday and many other birthdays in health and happiness. You have all the time in the world to be all that you want to be. Enjoy it all.
Now, no more anxiety, you are into the beautiful 21 and I can’t help but admire you. God bless your soul and prosper you in all your ways. You are loved, dear. Happy birthday to you!
No more restrictions, you are now welcome to 21! Yay! Have fun and celebrate as you plan to intentionally make the best of your new age. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.
You are undoubtedly the most gorgeous 21-year-old in the world. I hope you have yourself a super-duper exciting 21st birthday bash!
Hurrah! Your days of moving around town with a fake ID are finally over! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To Son

At this age, an amazing future is right around the corner, so don’t fear to dream big and chase after those dreams. Happy 21st birthday son.
21st birthday has amazing benefits and privileges. Wishing you an ocean of fun as you celebrate this special day. Happy 21st birthday, sonshine.
You’ve finally walked into the world of real adulthood. I hope you enjoy every beautiful thing that resides in that fabulously exciting world. Happy 21st birthday son!
Happy 21st birthday my son! Remember that no matter how old you’ll become, I will never stop looking after you. I know you’ve got a reputation for being reckless sometimes so I’m just making sure you’ll be in good hands!
Happy 21st Birthday To My Wonderful Son. No matter how big you get or how far you go, I’ll always be here, right beside you.
There are so many reasons why 21 is an amazing age to be. I hope you can make the most of this chapter of your life. Happy 21st birthday, my dearest son.
As you mark your 21st birthday, may you have the courage to take advantage of all the opportunities that exists in life to brighten your future. Happy birthday dear son.
Happy birthday to my phenomenal son who turns 21 today. May this day see you create sweet memories that you will cherish all the days of your life.
We cannot believe you reached finally 21 years! You became such a handsome young man. May you have the best and unforgettable birthday ever. Happy 21st birthday son..
To My Dear Son, Happy 21st Birthday. You came into my life with a bang and nothing has ever been the same! I can’t imagine life without you, and am so proud and blessed to call you my son and my friend.
Happy 21st Birthday Son. May you always know joy. May you always choose hope. May you always feel loved no matter where in this great, big, beautiful world you roam.
21st birthday makes other birthdays pale. You’re going to learn this lesson with a hard dose of reality. Enjoy it! Happy 21st Birthday Son.
Happy 21st birthday to my lovely son! Today is considered as a special day for you, But actually, every day for the past 21 years has been special, because you exist in this world. Enjoy your day as much as everyone enjoys life with you in it.
Being 21 is amazing! Remember to make this wonderful phase of your life worthwhile. Have a blissful 21st birthday celebration, son. We love you!
Happy 21st birthday, son. Remember to always believe in yourself, and you shall always get somewhere in life.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To Daughter

Happy 21st birthday, to our amazing daughter. Thank you so much for being you. We have been truly honored to watch you grow and become a light to everyone who knows you. Let your light continue to shine brightly as you make your path in this world. We love you so much.
Congratulations on turning 21, my treasured daughter. Every parent ever wishes for a daughter just like you. You are so cherished and loved. Happy birthday, I hope that you have a day that is just as extraordinary as you are.
Happy birthday to my cherished daughter! On your 21st birthday, I hope that you realize just how outstanding and phenomenal you are as a human being. I will never stop being proud of being your parent. You are simply sensational.
Today our wonderful daughter turns 21. Time flies, especially when we have an incredible daughter who makes every day such a gift. We love you so much. Happy 21st Birthday Princess!
To my brilliant and beautiful daughter on her 21st birthday. You are a rare and wonderful soul who makes the world a better place. Continue to be strong and fearless in whatever you do and wherever you go. And when you need rest, come back home to us. We will always be waiting with open arms. Happy birthday, our love.
Today is your special day! Happy 21st birthday to my daughter. You have worked so hard and grown into such a wonderful young woman. The world holds great things for you.
21 years ago, a very special daughter was born to us. You have left your footprints on our souls, and for that, we are forever grateful to you. We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished and are thankful we are your parents. Happy birthday!
Wishing my daughter the best 21st birthday ever. From the day you were born, you have made my world a better place. I could never have imagined I would be so lucky as a parent. Thank you for all you have given to me these past 21 years. You have all of my love.
On your 21st birthday we want you to know that every day with you has been a gift. You brightened up our lives from the day you arrived. Happy birthday, daughter.
Happy 21st birthday to the most special young woman in our world. It is an honor to call you our daughter. Enjoy your new life as an adult and make the right decision always. We love you!
Happy 21st birthday, my lovely daughhter! Grow as you will, you’ll always be my little princess. Wishing you tons of happiness, love and health.
Happy 21st birthday, to the daughter who always puts others above herself, works hard and loves life. We are so grateful to be your parents.
Sending my best wishes to an outstanding daughter on her 21st birthday. You have always been so dedicated, courageous and brave. It is a privilege to watch you grow up to become such an impressive young woman. Enjoy your day. You deserve it!
Happy 21st birthday, to the smartest, silliest, most clever daughter I could ever hope for. Every day, you make my life complete. I love you to the moon and back.
Happy 21st birthday, Daughter! You are the center of my world and the light that fills up every single day. Thank you for being wonderful.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To sister

I raise a toast to you, dear sister. I celebrate you for the lady you’ve become. I welcome you to a new phase in life and wish you a happy and prosperous new age. Happy 21st birthday sis.
Happy birthday dear big sis. As you hit the 21 mark today, I wish you bountiful goodies of life, joy and happiness, now and always.
Happy birthday to my sweet and only older sister. May you flourish exceedingly in all of your endeavours as you turn 21 today.
Happy birthday to my fabulous sister. I celebrate you today and wish you superlative successes and abundant blessings as you turn 21. Have a fruitful year in your new age.
I wish my wonderful and amazing sister, a beautiful 21st birthday. I pray that you’ll soar high like an eagle and stand before Kings and not mere men.
I wish you a very happy birthday, long life and prosperity. Rock 21, baby sis, many more years await you.
Dear sister, It’s been lovely watching you grow from when you were a toddler. You have transformed into a beautiful and intellectual lady. As you clock 21 today, I wish you the manifestations of your heart desires. Cheers!
Hello sis, it’s your birthday and there’s no better way to start this day than to wish you a happy birthday. You are special to me and I’m happy to see you clock 21. I’ve begun to see the lady in you, and I pray that you’d become a woman of excellence and influence.
My baby sister is officially an adult. She’s 21. Happy birthday, dear. You will grow to be a renowned achiever.
Happy 21st birthday, sis. May your life be more colourful than a peacock and more radiant than the sun.
Happy birthday, big sis. My wishes for you are joy, peace and endless happiness as you turn 21. Cheers to your new age.
Happy 21st birthday to my sweet sister. I make a toast in your honour. May you achieve seemingly impossible feats at 21.
Happy 21st birthday to the most amazing sister in the world. I wish you a year of marvellous breakthroughs.
Dear sister, you are no ordinary lady because God ordained your birth and is moulding you unto perfection. I celebrate you today and wish you a happy 21st birthday.
Hurray!! My little sis is now a big girl. Happy birthday, dear. As you turn 21 today, you shall be an epitome of excellence in everything you do.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To Brother

Days have turned into nights and nights into days but there hasn’t been a moment I’d wish that you were not in my life. May you continually stay alive, strong and sparkling! Happy 21st birthday bro.
May God decorate your life with blessings and may your life begin to glitter with pleasant surprises. happy 21st birthday big bro.
You were a miracle at 20. I hope you continue to be at 21 and beyond. Happiest birthday to the world’s best brother.
You’re an old soul in a young body…Nothing you do hints that you’re 21. I marvel at your level of intelligence and maturity. Happy 21st birthday to the world’s smartest brother.
Twenty-one is the new cool. Your charisma, charm and clairvoyance at such age is a big deal.
Sometimes I wish I could be this age again. Happy birthday, brother!
Your soul is set in beauty and it only extends joy to anyone who cares to stand close.
I’m so blessed to be one of the closest to your soul brother! Wish you the very best as you turn 21 today.
You’re benevolence, bravery and beauty wrapped in a 21-year-old body. All these graces that come with you are enough reason to be proud of you. Happy 21st birthday to my cute little brother.
May the favour and blessing of God be your closest companion as you begin another threshold. Happy 21st birthday to my dearest brother!
Happy 21st birthday, bro! Now that you’re getting older, maybe we’ll argue less and agree more.
Whatever it is, I’ll never love you less.
You light up a room with your voice. May the peacefulness about you that’s hard to explain never leave you. Happy 21st birthday brother!
Everything about you from your face to your soul is precious. I’d hate to see you put them to waste. Be unapologetically you at 21 and beyond!
Sweetest brother, thanks for being a reason to smile and a shoulder to lean on at 21. May I get to experience 80 more years with you.
It’s awesome to watch you grow wiser and better rather than older… I do not have to worry about you because l know you’re only capable of being a success. Happy 21st birthday to my not so little brother.
Every stage of your life has been so captivating I have no worries about you travelling through the 21st phase. All I envision is more wonderful wonders. Happy 21st birthday brother.
Happy 21st birthday brother! Welcome to adult Zone! May all your years in this zone be laced with bliss and glee. Have a wonderful birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To Niece

I wish you a great day ahead, a lovely month ahead and an even more marvellous year ahead. Happy 21st birthday to the world’s best niece.
Turning 21 is a milestone. You will be expected to be responsible. Don’t lose your fun in the process. I wish you a great year ahead.
We are so happy God brought you to us, and we are even more glad that he kept you till this time. We pray that he continues keeping you for many more years to come. Happy 21st birthday, sweetest niece.
Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful niece. I pray that life genuinely smiles at you today and every other day.
Wishing you a happy birthday is too mundane for a significant year like 21. So I wish you a great, lovely, wonderful and fun-filled birthday. Enjoy your 21st birthday, sweet niece.
I celebrate your birthday with mixed feelings. I’m so happy you are growing and becoming your own person but I also feel a sense of loss because my little girl has grown. Happy 21st birthday to my lovely niece.
You have been a wonderful niece. That’s why I know you will live a wonderful life. Have a wonderful 21st birthday.
I have loved you as though you were mine since you were born. And my love for you grows as the years go by. I’m so happy to witness your 21st birthday. Have fun!
As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, I wish you long life, prosperity, good health and success in all your days. Happy birthday.
I remember your first steps, your first word and the first day you went to school. Now you get to celebrate your first day as a legal adult. Happy 21st birthday to you, niece.
Congratulations to you, my lovely niece. You have been able to conquer 21 great years. I pray that you will conquer many more years in life.
Happy birthday dearest niece. I know 21 comes with many goals and dreams. My wish for you is that all your dreams come to pass.
You only turn 21 once. Actually, you only turn every year once but this is a milestone. And I’m really glad for the opportunity to celebrate with you. Happy 21st birthday, dearest niece.
I can’t tell you how proud I am of you growing up to be such a wonderful young woman. I know the remaining years will unfold great things for you. Happy 21st birthday, beautiful niece.
Turning 21 can be likened to journeying into a new world entirely. However, I’m not worried because I know my best girl has got it. Happy 21st birthday, dearest niece.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages To Nephew

You are worth celebrating because you are the best nephew in the world. I am using your 21st birthday to tell you that you are special to me.
When you make a wish while blowing the candles over your cake, I pray it goes straight to the ears of God and be as you want it. Happy 21st birthday, my most-cherished nephew.
May you experience an outpouring of love and blessings as you celebrate your 21st birthday, nephew. Have a blast.
I wish you sunshine to brighten your nights, friends to support you and grace to make your dreams come true. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.
In many countries, 21 is the legal age to drink. I do hope that you don’t make the new age all about that. I pray that your eyes be open to finding purpose. Happy 21st birthday beloved nephew.
You are now legally allowed to do a lot because you are 21, don’t forget you will now be held accountable as well. So use it wisely. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.
A new birthday signifies a new hope. A 21st birthday is even more of a new beginning. Time to make new memories and new decisions towards the future. Happy birthday, nephew.
Happy birthday, nephew. My wish for you is that years from today, when you look back at your 21st birthday, you will not be filled with regret but joyfulness about a beautiful life.
Clocking 21 is special and it is a feat that you have been able to achieve. May your life story be full of victory. Happy birthday, nephew.
Even as you transcend into adulthood, make sure you dream big because I have sent a prayer above for your dreams to come true. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.
Happy birthday, nephew. Right from when you were a baby, you have always been full of smiles. As you clock 21 today, I pray that life gives you more reasons to smile.
Just like the eagle soars with ease, so may you continue to soar to greatness. I wish you a lovely 21st birthday, nephew.
That warm feeling you felt when you woke up this morning; that was me, sending warm hugs your way on your 21st birthday. Thank you for making my job as an aunt/uncle easy.
Have fun to your heart content; you deserve it. It is not everyday that an awesome nephew, such as yourself, clocks 21. Happy birthday.
Today is special because you have crossed over to adulthood. But for me, this date, every year is special because it is the day you were born. Happy 21st birthday, dear nephew.
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