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How to Cook Lacinato Kale

Lacinato Kale is a popular vegetable, not just because of its impressive nutritional profile of vitamins and fiber, but because it’s an incredibly versatile leafy green. When prepared properly, it’s delicious cooked or raw, as an element in soups, and salads, and can even be baked until crispy for kale chips!

Lacinato Kale Recipe

The simplest way to cook trimmed, chopped lacinato kale is to cook and stir it along with minced fresh garlic in olive oil until tender and then season with salt. This makes a wonderful side dish to almost any preparation of meat, poultry, fish, or seafood.

Should you cook kale before eating?

Glucosinolates are greatly diminished by cooking, so it’s good advice to boil, roast or stew your kale before eating. This is the same for any other cruciferous veggie like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kohlrabi, and bok choy,” Basham says.

What is lacinato kale good for?

Health BenefitsA single serving (one cup) contains more than a day’s worth of vitamin A requirement, which is important for eye health and immune function. It is also full of vitamins K, C, and B6 as well as manganese, copper, calcium, and magnesium.

How do you cut lacinato kale?

How long should Kale be cooked?

Heat a large saute pan over medium heat. Add olive oil, once the oil is hot add the chopped kale, saute for 2 minutes. Season with salt, stir and cook until the leaves a tender and slightly wilted and toasted, 2 to 4 minutes. The longer the kale is in the pan the more toasted in flavor, and leaves will be more crispy.

Does Kale lose nutrients when cooked?

Cooking affects the nutritional valueRaw kale has a bitterness that can be reduced by cooking it. Still, studies have shown that cooking it may reduce its content of nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamin C, and several minerals ( 2 , 7 ).

What is the healthiest way to eat kale?

The healthiest ways to eat kale include steamed, sauteed, boiled in soups, braised or raw, as you would fresh spinach or cabbage.

Is Kale healthier cooked or raw?

As for the healthiest method for cooking kale, the research is mixed. “Cancer studies seem to show that raw kale is more beneficial than cooked, while cholesterol studies seem to show that steamed kale is more beneficial than raw,” says Harris, who recommends a bit of both in your diet.

What happens if you eat kale everyday?

For example, it can interact with thyroid function if it’s eaten in very high amounts. It contains something called progoitrin, which can interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis and essentially block the iodine your thyroid needs to function. This can result in fluctuating blood sugar levels and weight.

What is the best way to absorb nutrients from kale?

But combine kale with a little olive oil and a hot pan, and magic happens. Technically, science happens. The interplay of olive oil with kale on a hot skillet breaks down fibers and may help nutrients get absorbed into the body and may even help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).

Can you absorb the nutrients in kale?

YOU CAN ABSORB THE NUTRIENTS IN RAW KALE. Cooking kale frees some nutrients like magnesium and decreases others, like heat-sensitive folate. But consuming kale in any form delivers fiber, protein, omega-3s, and a bevy of vitamins and minerals.
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