Michael Gregorek’s Biography, Age, Spouse, Cop Rescues Dog

Michael Gregorek’s Biography

Douglas County Deputy Michael Gregorek‘s body camera video from Jan. 22 shows him arriving at the scene as smoke billows from the driver’s side window of the SUV. The owner frantically yells that his dog Hank is somewhere inside the locked vehicle. Gregorek uses a cane to break two windows before pulling Hank out and quickly carrying him to a nearby snowbank. By the time a vet arrived, Hank was already running and ready to play.

Michael Gregorek rescues dog from burning car

A video shared on Facebook left people shocked and emotional as it showed a police hero dramatically rescuing a dog from inside a burning van. The incident reportedly happened in January, but the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recently posted about it on the social media site. The footage was taken from the body camera worn by the officer, identified as Michael Gregorek, an officer who works for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Recalling the incident that occurred on January 22, Gregorek said, “My thought at the time was ‘he’s going out with me regardless of what may be going on.’ He explained: “Once I got to the scene, the first thing I see is a gentleman who ended up being the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the dog, throwing something at the back of the vehicle.”

Gregorek said that when he arrived at the scene, he thought someone was throwing “Molotov cocktails,” but soon heard the man yell, “My dog ​​is in the car.” “He flipped [the] switch from ‘Obviously not a crime’ to ‘Now we have a life,’” the policeman added. The viral video showed Gregorek using a cane to break the windows of the vehicle before pulling out the dog, named Hank.

He noted: “Hank comes to the back window, he’s salivating, you can tell he’s distraught. [The] owner was trying to get him out, unsuccessfully,” and went on to say, “That’s his baby, I won’t get in his way while he’s trying to rescue his baby, but the moment an opportunity opens up for me. I just went in and held on and his body had already started to tense up so I knew he really was in a bad spot.” The hero sidekick added that “nothing else mattered at the time other than getting Hank out of the car.”

After the rescue, Gregorek reportedly carried Hank out into the snow and reported to firefighters as well. A neighbor’s veterinarian wife who witnessed the story later checked on the dog. The policeman said: “She checked him, checked his gums,” before adding: “I went and gave him a good pet and he’s fine.”

Meanwhile, many people have praised Gregorek in the comments section of the Facebook post. One user wrote: “Wow so happy we still have wonderful and brave people in law enforcement. Thank you deputy.” The second commented, “Wow, what a wonderful happy ending! Good job, deputy! You brought tears to the eyes of all dog lovers with this rescue! The third noted: “This amazing helper valued the life of this precious dog as much as any human being! He needs to be given an award for his courage and humanity! I know the owner and Hank are forever indebted to this brave officer! Thank you for saving his life!”

One person said: “OMG this melts my heart. Thank God for the quick response of that deputy!!! Way to go!! Every second counts and not a second wasted!! I’m glad the dog is okay. You are a hero!!” “I can’t watch the video. Thank you officer. Our pets aren’t just animals. They are family. Losing one like this would be devastating. I pray everyone is safe and doing well.” another added.

Michael Gregorek’s Age

Michael Gregorek is 22 years old.

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