Who is Juju Vieira? Age, Biography, Expelled From Vatican Over Outfit

Juju Vieira Expelled from the Vatican over s3xy outfit

The influencer has been identified as Juju Vieira, who claims that she was considered “too sexy” for the Pope and was expelled from the trendy tourist spot. The social media personality reportedly wore a tight dress paired with thigh-high boots during her visit to the Holy City in the last week of January. However, Vatican City security asked him to leave her after she violated her dress code.

Juju Vieira is a social media personality from Brazil. She is 34 years old and enjoys an active social media life on Instagram. Vieira has close to 27,000 followers on the photo-sharing app with more than 200 posts. The influencer keeps her fans and followers entertained by sharing details of her personal life and intriguing travel vlogs. Her Instagram is full of images from different cities that also include her recent controversial visit to Vatican City.

According to the New York Post, Juju Vieira said that she was embarrassed after she was kicked out of Vatican City for her sexy outfit. Speaking to Jam Press, she said: “A gentleman who worked there approached me and told me that the place was for prayers and that she was not dressed properly.” The Brazilian bombshell went on to say that she was unaware of the dress code as she opted for a comfortable outfit and added that she was dressed respectfully for her visit. “A person with common sense will not visit the Vatican in club clothes. I was elegant in my winter clothes, everything matched. I was wearing comfortable clothes that I would feel good in for long walks,” Vieira said, concluding: “Comfort was my only concern.”

According to the official site of St. Peter’s Basilica, a dress code has been established for both men and women. It states: “Women are not allowed to wear sleeveless tops, crop tops, or fitted shirts. The shoulders must be covered, and if a skirt or dress is worn, it must cover the knees.” Plus, she says, “It’s usually a good idea for women to bring a shawl and a pair of leggings when visiting during the colder months, as well as a light jacket that can be rolled up into a nice little bag.” The influencer had shared that she was not aware of the rules and called the incident an “unpleasant situation”.

Juju Vieira’s Biography

Juju Vieira wore a tight dress and thigh-high boots to work they approached me and told me that the place was for prayers and that I was not dressed properly,” Vieira told Jam Press.

The busty blonde claimed that she was “embarrassed” by her orders, as several other tourists heard her being kicked out of the area. The Vatican has a strict dress code for both men and women, with bare shoulders and knees strictly prohibited.

Juju Vieira’s Age

Juju Vieira is 34 years old.

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