Who is Wavy Navy? Nationality, Biography, Age, Facts

What is Wavy Navy Pooh’s real name?

Rapper Wavy Navy Pooh’s real name is Shandler Beaubien. The sources of authority when speaking about the fact affirmed the real name of the rapper.

It rarely involved his real name, as he was frequently perceived by his stage name. From royal records to online media profiles, the rapper had secured himself as Wavy Navy Pooh.

How old was Wavy Navy Pooh?

Talking about the age of Wavy Navy Pooh, he was 28 years old at the time of his passing. The specific date of birth of the late melodic craftsman is not known, but sources indicate that he is 28 years old.

From that, we can end his introduction to the world year in 1993/94, while his birthday remains obscure. As he was still a rising craftsman, the media did not cover Pooh in detail.

Wavy Navy’s Biography

Wavy Navy Pooh was a rising American rapper and melodic craftsman. With over 25 songs delivered to date, Pooh slowly gained fame and recognition in the industry as more people constantly paid attention to him.

Many people considered him a rising genius, but unfortunately, the rapper’s jaunt has come to an end. The Miami Herald currently claims that the rapper, Wavy Navy, was killed in a nearby incident that occurred Friday near the zoo.

The news then spread hours earlier, as discussions progressed in other online media arenas, but official sources now confirm the report as well. Who shot rapper Wavy Navy Pooh to death? The name of the person who shot rapper Wavy Navy Pooh is obscure as he has not been captured at this time.

While announcing the incident, the Miami Herald reports that the rapper’s vehicle was at a crossing point and a dark Lexus four-wheel drive pulled up next to it. A man opened the entrance and began to finish, killing the rapper.

A one-year-old boy, a 5-year-old boy and an adult woman, who were in the secondary room, were safe according to the sources. At the time officials showed up on the scene, there was no sign of the criminal behind the homicide.

They are now searching for the vehicle just as people participated in the shooting with the help of observers from the front. As it is, no speculation has been caught and the authority examination continues.

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