Best Engagement Congratulations Messages

Best Engagement Congratulations Messages

The excitement that comes from getting engaged makes you want to scream your new relationship status from the rooftops to the world! Whether it is your engagement or the engagement of someone you know, a nice engagement congratulatory message will help you express how you feel with the right words.

Below, you will find a collection of best engagement congratulations messages for friends, fiance, sisters and anyone dear to you. Also, we have compiled lovely engagement captions that will help you announce your new status on your social media handles.

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Engagement Congratulations Messages For Everyone

Congratulation on your engagement. You two are a lovely couple. You will be the perfect soulmate of each other. Best wishes and blessings.
Happy engagement to the loveliest couple in the world! May you stay in love with each other!
You’re engaged! Congratulations on finding somebody wonderful to spend the rest of your life with.
Finally! You two really are meant for each other and I’m so glad you’re getting married.
What a perfect time to look into each other’s eye and decide to grow old together for rest of the life. You both are among the blessed souls. Happy engagement!
Two crazy awesome nerds found each other – hooray! Can’t wait for your wedding!
Congratulations to the perfect couple! Your love has reached new heights. May your future be a bright and happy one.
Many congratulations on tying the knot! May today be the just the beginning of a happy life together. Wish you both a prosperous future ahead.
I wish you all the success, happiness and everlasting love of your dreams. Congratulations on engagement!
Congratulations to the future bride and groom. I’m so happy you’ve found your forever love.
On this day of your engagement, accept each other’s flaws along with accepting each other’s perfections. Wishing you best of luck.
Soul mates do exist! Congrats on your engagement!
Congratulations for making the commitment to stay by each other for the rest of your life! May the coming years be filled with unimaginable happiness!
Weddings aren’t really my thing, but I’m actually looking forward to yours. Must mean I kinda like you guys or something. Congratulations on your engagement!
Congratulations to the future bride and groom! May your love grow for each other every day!
It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Happy engagement!!
Congratulations on your engagement! You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey.
Congratulations to our amazing son and future daughter-in-law! We didn’t think we’d ever meet a woman special enough for our son, but here you are. We’re over the moon that you two are going to be spending the rest of your lives together — you’re perfect for each other. We look forward to watching you guys walk down the aisle.
Wishing you all the joy that your heart can hold and may this be the new beginning of a long life together. Tons of good wishes on your engagement!
I wish an everlasting bond between you two on this very special occasion. May you be happy in every day of your life. Happy engagement!

Happy Engagement Messages For Friends

Honestly, my wildest fantasy is to meet the love of my life on my best friend’s wedding, so I would say that I have great expectations. I’m really happy for you, bud. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Congratulations!
I am beyond happy that my best friend has found true love. Happy engagement baby girl!
Happy engagement my best friend! May your married life be filled with everlasting bliss and love
My wonderful friend, may your wedding be as lovely as you and your marriage be the adventure of a lifetime. Happy Engagement.
Sending bouquets of beautiful wishes to you my newly-engaged friend. May God bless each moment as you prepare for marriage.
May you have a lifetime of happiness, love, fun, and commitment to each other.
Congratulations on taking this new exciting step together!
I can’t express how happy I am for you. I know that engagement is not just a word for you. It’s real, and it’s serious. Seeing you smiling like you do now makes my heart melt. I hope that you will always smile like that from now on. Congratulations on your engagement dear friend!
Oh, sweet friend, I wish you only the best, every moment blessed, as you prepare to marry the man/woman of your dreams.
Congratulations on getting engaged. You are two incredible people: my best friend and the one, my best friend loves.
My sweet and special friend, may you and your betrothed enjoy endless joy and countless moments of tenderness as you prepare for marriage.
Beloved friend, you’re engaged, and I’m celebrating! Wishing you many bright, happy days ahead.
Picturing the beauty of your life together fills my heart with joy for you, dear friend. May your marriage be all you have longed for. Congratulations on your engagement.
My precious friend, knowing you is the same as loving you, and I wish you much happiness as you step into this new role. May God watch over your marriage, blessing it daily. Happy Engagement!!
I’m so happy for you, buddy. Finding someone you want to spend your life with is so hard, but somehow you managed to do that. I’m the proudest friend in the whole world. Congratulations on your engagement!
Best engagement wishes to my best friend! I knew that you are perfect for each other. Looking forward to that wedding! Congratulations!
I have watched this special romance grow, and I’m thrilled to hear that it will be blossoming into marriage. My friend, may your love remain true and strong forever.
My best friend is getting married! My heart is exploding with joy for you. May your marriage fulfill every inclination of your heart.
May your love for each other grow and strengthen as you take this exciting journey together. Happy engagement wishes to my best friend!
Congratulations on getting engaged my girl! I wish you and your lover many more years of love. I am so happy for you.
May the love and devotion you two hold for each other continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Sending you love and blessing on your engagement.

Best Engagement Wishes For Fiancé

Pure and true love is all I can give you. Happy engagement to us.
Rather than just say I LOVE YOU, I also want to say that I LIVE FOR YOU.
Everything will be fine, as long you are with me. Happy engagement to my future wife.
Happy engagement anniversary my fiancé! I am looking forward to living our dreams together.
Every day I spend with you feels magical. I don’t want to miss this magic for a single moment in my life. Just waiting so dearly to make you mine forever!
This day is special for both of us, we will cherish all the moments of this day forever during our marriage.
We both shall attach invincible connection between our hearts on this day, when we make each other wear the rings.
How lucky I am, I got engaged to you. Happy wishes for our engagement and our wonderful courtship.
I can’t wait to marry you and go to our dream honeymoon destination. Happy wishes for our engagement dear.
If a perfume was made from our love story, it would be called True Love by Cupid. Congratulations on our engagement honey.
The day I met you I knew you we’re the one, I can’t wait to marry you. Happy engagement wishes my fiancé!
I don’t care about anything else in the world, as long as you say that I mean the world to you. Happy engagement to us boo!!
It feels so right to be with you. I’m so glad you found me. Happy engagement anniversary wishes!
Being with you is magical, I am looking forward to spending more magical years with you my love. Happy engagement to us..
Happy engagement anniversary to my fiancé! I am looking forward to be called your spouse.
The meaning of happiness for me is YOU. I can’t wait to marry you my angel.
I promise to treasure, cherish and care for you until my last breath.
Our love will finally reach it’s destination today! Cannot wait any longer to become your soul mate.
Finally the day has arrived when I will get engaged to you. We are not only getting engaged, we will be binding our soul together for our love to reach highest height in the heaven.
A thousand years filled with happiness is nothing compared to a day I spend with you. Your love is the biggest miracle in my life. Happy engagement to us!

Engagement Wishes For Sister

Wishing good luck to your new adventure in life. Happy engagement all the way my dearest sister.
May God bless you with uninterrupted happiness and joyful married life. I wish nothing but the best for you on your engagement dear sister.
Dear sister, of all the moments we’ve celebrated and shared, this one tops the list. I am so excited to have another brother in the family. Happy engagement!
I have always prayed for your happiness and today God has made you happy with a loving fiancé. Best wishes on being engaged dear sister.
Happy engagement wishes to my dear sister. You are going to be an awesome wife just the way you were an amazing daughter, wonderful sister and adorable friend.
Heartiest Congratulations on your engagement, my dear sister. I am very happy for you. I wish you love and happiness all your life.
An engagement is the time when the fiancé loosens his tie and the fiancée rolls up her sleeves. Congratulations for getting engaged.
Congratulations to your fiancé for winning the loveliest girl’s hand on earth. May God bless you with a long and happy married life. I love you sis.
Stay in love, stay happy and stay cute together even when you’re married. Congratulations on your engagement little sis!
I wish you both a wonderful journey as you build your new life together. Happy engagement my dear sister!
My dear sister, I wish you all the best things, love, and happiness in the world as you embark on this new chapter of your life. I am beyond happy for you.
To my wonderful sister and her fiancé, best wishes for engagement!
My naughty little sister is ready for walking down the aisle and though I’m going to shed tears of joy for a while; I wish you miles of smile.
Congratulations on your engagement! You may have found your Mr. Right but I will always be your big brother and I am so proud of you and I know that you’ll make a great wife.
Cherish the precious ring also be responsible of preserving it, as it symbolizes the bond of love between you two. Happy engagement darling sis.
May your life together be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. Congratulations to you both!
Dearest sister, I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to hear the news of your engagement. You and your new husband will no doubt rock the world!
To my dearest sister, best wishes for engagement. I cannot say how happy I am for you.
Happy engagement my lovely sister! I wish you a great life, great love, and great success in your life together as a couple.
May your love for each other continue to grow each and every day. I am so happy your engaged, my sister!

Best Engagement Captions For Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

I have found the one my soul loves.
I have an engagement ring, which is my favorite accessory.
He put a ring on it.
Traveling from Miss to Mrs.
The beginning of forever.
Pop the champagne, I’m changing my last name.
From this day forward, you shall not walk alone.
Officially off the market.
Dreams do come true. I found you.
We have a wedding to plan!! I just said yes..
My name sounds even cuter with your last name added to it.
For you, a thousand times over. I just got engaged!!
Does this ring make me look engaged?
I can’t keep calm, I’m getting married.
He stole my heart, so I’m stealing his last name.
Two souls, one heart.
If my heart is the sky, it is now engaged to the most precious star.
All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.
Engagement advice: make sure the ring is really tight so it can never be taken off!
Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.
If I know what love is, it is because of you.
Today’s forecast is shiny with a 100% chance of marriage.
You are my today and all of my tomorrows.
To my hubby to be: get ready to pay for two tickets to watch one movie.
Meet my forever valentine.
I found the one whom my soul loves.
It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
Finally engaged to my Prince Charming.
Finally, I have someone who took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. Just got engaged to my happily ever after.
I always knew you were my soulmate.
Pardon me while I shine a little brighter for a bit.
It started with a little crush, and now I have a ring on my finger.
I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner, and my one true love.
Can I relive this moment a million times? I said yesss…
Some knots are meant to be tied forever.
Engaged sure has a nice ring to it.
This is the next page of our love story.
I said yaaaaas.
We’re getting married (!!!!)
Finally, I have an excuse to change my last name.
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