Good Morning Prayer For My Husband

Good Morning Prayer For My Husband

Prayer is a direct communication from an earnest heart to the ears of the almighty and all-powerful God. As a wife, it is your duty to say a prayer for your husband everyday. Speak blessings and favour to his morning, ask for God to protect your husband and give him the grace to achieve his heart desires.

In this article, we have compiled a list of powerful good morning prayers that you can share with your husband to boost his spirit and fill his day with blessings.

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Powerful Good Morning Prayers For My Husband

Father, you who brought us together will see to it that we have all we need. Thank you for always guiding and protecting my husband and being his light at the end of the tunnel. Teach him your ways constantly, and let your blessings fill his life. Amen.
Whatever the evil ones have plan for you will never come to pass, the good God will always be with you regardless of where you find yourself. Good morning dearest husband.
Good morning to the sweetest hubby in the world. I pray that the Lord gladdens your heart so you could see a brighter day and never have to experience a bad one. Frustrations and every negative feeling shall be far away from you. You shall bear great fruits today and forevermore. May the heavens prove their undying love for you. I decree, go out and prosper, and as you do so, may your health never fail. You shall never be fragile, and your spirit shall never grow weary. You shall blossom like a beautiful plant beside the water. Stay happy cause the angelic ones are protecting you.
Dear Father, I commit my husband to you this morning. Please, clothe him with strength, grace and favour. Help him to carry all his burden and put a smile on his face, today. Encourage him in every way and increase him on every side in Jesus name. Darling husband, the Lord will go ahead of you today and smoothen every crooked path in your way. That crushing obstacle before you shall turn into overwhelming testimony. It shall be well with you. Good morning, my sweet. Have a blessed day!
As you wake up this morning I pray for God goodness in your life. May the brightness of this morning bring a nice fragrant into your life. I love you.
I pray that every mouth that speak about you today will only speak well about you, may every tongue that speaks ill of you be cut short. The love of the lord will be with you even at your place of work.
I pray to God that wherever my husband is at this point, may he clear every obstacle on his way and may he protect him till he gets home. May you never be found wanting my sweetest husband.
May the God of good news announce you today. On the wings of the dawn, your breakthrough shall break forth. You will not waste away. Your waiting will end with a good reward. You will make it by His grace. Helpers of Destiny will locate and help you to have a fresh and glorious start in Jesus name. Good morning and have a wonderful day, my dearest!
Good morning, hubby. May the beginning of today bring you good blessings from above. May the end of today make you glorify God’s name. I pray that you shall get closer to your dreams today and at the end, your accomplishments shall marvel the whole world.
As your word promises us good things, may you always fulfill my husband’s desires; emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. May you fill him with your love, goodness, and forbearance to live life accordingly.
God I pray that you should be my husband strength as he goes out today may the evil of the world be far away from him. Let me be filled with your testimony when he comes back. Amen.
I feel good knowing that you’re awake. I pray that today shall see to your success. Your past shall remain in the past. You’ll live victoriously and be a testifier of many victories. You shall grow in all aspects as you go about your day. Wherever you go, the Lord shall go with you; accident shall never be your portion. Wisdom from above shall reside in you. You shall be singled out for numerous miracles. The breakthrough you await shall catch up with you today. Say a big amen, my love.
Good morning, love of my life. As you set out today, you’ll step into unlimited favour, extravagant joy, and extraordinary grace. Men and angels shall favour you. Everything that has been working against you, will start working in your favour from today. May the desires of heart receive express attention before the throne of grace. The Lord will clothe you with honour and dignity; you shall not be put to shame, in Jesus awesome name.
As you step outside the bed this morning, may the lord grant every of your heart desires and may you sing a song of joy and happiness all through the day. Good morning my husband.
I pray that your work will make you immersively rich my husband. I pray that you will never work in vain, the lord shall speak for you in every area of your life. Amen.
I declare that the Lord is with you, and he will turn every hurdle into a blessing this morning and during the rest of your day. May He show his faithfulness to you today and forever.
Good morning, my darling husband. You shall not be disappointed today. You shall be treated as an honourable man. Kings and queens shall seek to do you good. The precious treasures of the land shall be found in your bosom. Have a great day.
Success comes from you, Lord. With that in mind, I come before your throne of mercy to pray for my husband’s unrivaled success in everything he does. Thank you for being our provider and joy giver. Amen.
My earnest prayers for you this morning is that you feel the love of God till your joy overflows. May you never be overwhelmed by sadness and depression. All trials in your life shall transform into testimonies. It’s your turn to be blessed. Good morning hubby!
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with a caring and loving husband. May you continually guide him to make decisions that are rooted in your word. Help him understand how important he is in this home and show him how to become a better person.

Good Morning Prayer For My Husband Protection & Success

I pray that this day brings you success and joy, love and peace, good morning my dear husband.
My husband as you wake up today May the good God grant your every step to success, whatever you lay your hands on and mind to today will be of great success.
My world I pray never to mourn over you, I pray that God will path your way to success and your step will be of greatness from now on till forever more. Amen.
May the protection of the lord be with you as you step out today, may the lord clear every evil on your way and may you come back home with fulfillment by the special grace of the almighty.
Good morning to the most wonderful man in my life. I pray that you shall have so many reasons to laugh and rejoice today. Depression and dejection shall not take hold of your soul and spirit and may every evil spirit run far from you. You shall not come last where you’re meant to take the lead, and may the heavens not leave you alone to your strength. You shall obtain heavenly assistance in all that you do. Your laughter and smile shall be as genuine as the radiance of the sun. You shall have reasons to live today to the fullest even as you keep God as your focus. Have a great day, hubby.
May the protection of the Lord be upon my husband to deliver him from the wiles of the enemy. I declare that the Lord is his shade forever.
Good morning, my dearest husband. As you go into today, may you enjoy the dew of favour from heaven. Every confusing matter before you shall become clear. In the name of Jesus, you shall receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve the problem. Instead of being ridiculed or threatened, you shall be greatly honoured and revered before your colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from you. You will come back home with testimonies, by God’s special grace. Have an awesome day!
I pray that your day shall be filled with great joy and immersive success. Whatever you lay your hands to do will be granted with great success. Amen.
Lord, you are merciful and gracious in all your ways. In a world with so many fears and uncertainties, you are our refuge and strong tower. Specifically, I pray that you continue supplying courage to my husband as he does his job and that he may get open doors wherever he goes. I pray this in Jesus’ name.
The lord will go before and after you, wherever the grace of God is found wanting, you won’t be there. May God protect and bless you always for me, My King.
Every new day comes with its blessing, may the blessing of today be abundant in your life; wish you God’s protection and guidance. Good morning darling hubby!
God protect my husband from all the diseases in the world and any form of sickness, be his strength during the odd times and be the source of his happiness when he needs your guide. May he walk in the world and never fall, make his life a great blessing. Amen.
Today, God will open your ears to His directives. You shall receive divine direction concerning your business. The Lord will lead you to your miracles. Your business shall receive His divine touch for unprecedented success. High net worth customers will rush you from today, as the Lord breathes favour and grace into the work of your hands. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. Men and angels shall favour you in Jesus name. Good morning, my sweet husband. You are blessed!
Success will visit you today at your work place and I pray for immersive success to locate you. May you never grumble to attain success amen.
As you step out this morning I pray to God that you shall come home in peace my husband, may the lord bless you and path your way with success.
The Lord will order your steps and guide you. You will walk in peace and the protection of God. I pray that God guards you and that His blessings may overtake you. Blessed day, my husband.
This morning, God’s grace will announce your greatness. Mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment. Favor will overwhelm you. You shall not stumble as God takes you to places of honor. God will watch over you and water your seed. You will reap a bountiful harvest and your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the work of your hands. Good morning, my love. Have an awesome day.
I decree that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Every evil gathering together for your sake shall be scattered and the plans of the enemy shall be frustrated. Good morning hubby!
It’s a lovely morning, hubby. May your deepest desires and prayers become fulfilling testimonies this morning. May you be caused to rejoice and laugh wholeheartedly. Your enemies shall not have the joy of seeing you miserable. You shall stay far ahead and crush down every obstacle that stands in your way. The Lord shall fight all your battles and show to the world that you belong to Him. Never stop blessing the name of God, cause He shall show forth for you in all areas of your life. Can I get a thunderous amen?
I pray for the miracle of God to manifest in your life my husband and every eyes that sees you will see the goodness of God in your life from now till the end of time.
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