Happy Holi Wishes and Messages

Happy Holi Wishes and Messages

Holi is one of the biggest Hindu festivals. This great Indian festival lasts for a day and a night, it starts in the evening of Purnima or the Full Moon Day in the month of Falgun.

Enjoy this great festival of colours with your near and dear ones, relish the sweet taste of gujiya, smear your loved ones with colours and bid goodbye to chilling winters this Holi and get involved in fun and merrymaking.

Below, you will find a collection of lovely happy holi messages, wishes and quotes that will help you wish your loved ones a wonderful Holi celebration filled with joy, love and radiant colours.

Happy Holi Messages & Quotes

The time has come to throw water balloons, taste delicious sweets and rub all colors to your life. Take a dip in the hues and feel the colors as every color has its own story to tell. Don’t miss it and enjoy Holi. Happy Holi.
Let’s throw out the colours in the air, and renew our love with a bit of romantic colour. Happy Holi
Happy Holi to you and your family. We wish your health, prosperity and business achievements at this prismic colour eve. May Allah bless you with all his mercies!
Express your love with colors this Holi and make your love colorful with colors of love.
It is time for Holi and I hate being away from you all. My exams are close so I can not afford to meet you. I know you will miss me too. Mama, thank
You very much for the excellent gujiyas that you couriered. My friends liked it a lot and are grateful to you. Hope to see you soon. Happy Holi..
Enjoy the festival of Holi with lots of fun. Dance and sing along with your hearts out and make countless memories. Sending you Holi greetings.
Trust your adoration is surrounded with all colors of affection & joy. Today & dependably. Euphoric Holi!
Splashing on you the red color for romance, pink for love and yellow for our compatibility. Happy Holi love.
Hey dear, Holi is Here, Pinch of Red and a pinch of green, Joyful colors all are seen,
With love and with happiness..
Wish you a wonderful & colourful Happy Holi.
Holi = Happy on Love and colourful Imaginations.
Wish you must Spread amazing COLOUR of LOVE to everyone & Colour their mood in your style.”― krvishal
Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness.
Every day needs to be colourful, but seldom it is. So, stock yourself for a whole year!
Happy Holi!
May the colourful festival of Holi bring new opportunities and prosperity to your life. Happy Holi!
May God gift you all the colours of life, colours of joy, colours of happiness, colours of friendship, colours of love and all other colours you want to paint your life in.
Happy Holi.
May God spray colors of success and prosperity over you and your family. I wish this Holi is as special as it has always been. I’m eagerly waiting to relish those lovely gujiyas.
May this Holi bring the ultimate colors of happiness in your life and excite you for the next adventure in your life. Happy Holi my dear
Make merry with colors on Holi and the rest of the days with the colors of love. Happy Holi
Dear mom, may this Holi fill your life with happiness and joy. May god shower his blessings on you with good health and peace. Happy Holi Mom.
Holi is a special time to celebrate the colours of our beautiful relationship. Happy Holi
Water balloons, water pistols, amazing songs, and delicious gujias are the main ingredients for a perfect Holi. Have a Happy Holi!
Happy Holi !!
Happy Holi !! Enjoy every colour of Holi and you will get every happiness you desire. Hey, God is always with you. Enjoy every moment. Keep smiling.
Holi is an apt time to celebrate the colors of our beautiful relationship. Happy Holi
Thank you for bringing out the best colors in me. Thanks for being my sunshine, dear. Happy Holi, I love you so much.
Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. Happy Holi to You…!!
Reach out to others with the colors of joy and spread happiness wherever you go this Holi.
Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors!
May God gift you all the colours of life this Holi. Happy Holi!
Forget all your pains and worries, get drenched in colors of this festival. Happy Holi!
This Holi, I pray to God that your life is filled with vibrant colours and positivity. Happy Holi!
Red for love, green for prosperity, orange for success and pink for happiness. May God Bless you and your family with all these colors. Happy Holi!
Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi.
The dominant idea behind Holi festival is that we should live more in harmony with nature instead of trying to destroy her and make her our slave.
To the man who has painted my life with the best of the colors…. to the man who has brought me smiles and happiness…. I wish you the best of the Holi…. May we make this day a memorable one with our love for each other…. Happy Holi.
Peace from white, Power from red, Knowledge from yellow, Development from green, Love from pink..
May this Holi add all colors in your life.
Splash in the colors of fun.. Enjoy the delicious treats..
May your life bloom with joy.. On this delightful occasion..
Happy Holi.

Happy Holi Wishes

Give your life wings and fly in colorful sky; enjoy the shower of rainbow rain and steal the hues of love. Feel it and make it your own; love it and accept what comes. Life is nothing but a colorful journey, so enjoy your way of life. I wish you a happy Holi.
Wishing you and your family a very bright,colourful and joyful holi.
With love and best wishes
Very Happy and Colourful Holi to U and Ur Family. I wish that this year will bring every moment with happiness.
Wishing you good health and prosperity. May God shower his blessings on you on the auspicious occasion of Holi.” ― Happy Holi
If wishes come in rainbow colors then I would send the brightest one to say HAPPY HOLI!!!
May the colors of Holi make your life as colorful and happy as they are.” ― Wish you a very Happy Holi
You may be out of sight but you’re always in my mind. I wish you a colorful Holi…!!
Holi is more fun when you have the craziest colleagues to celebrate it with…. Wishing a playful and joyous Holi to the team who has always been so supportive in facing the toughest of the challenges….. Cheers to all of us and Happy Holi to you all.
May you have the most blessed holi festival than you ever had.
May it be full of fun,joy and love.
May you be as colorful as the festival itself or even more.
Lets all have lots of fun. Best wishes as you celebrate Holi!
I’m feeling lonely without you. I wish I could celebrate this Holi with you. Happy Holi and enjoy yourself!
Miss U.
Now you get holi greetings from Germany! Have you taken part in the festival or parts of it? What is going on in India and especially with you and your family? Let me know some news from you!!
Best wishes as you celebrate Holi.
Holi is the time to recall probably the most wonderful reminiscences of our life…. It’s the time to relieve these reminiscences by placing colors on you, by portraying your face in colors…. Wishing you a really Happy Holi my cute little sister…!!!!
Holi is the festival of promoting brotherhood and togetherness. Let’s celebrate this occasion smear each other with beautiful colors. Happy Holi Brother!
Best wishes to you and your family for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi my dear
Wishing you & your family A very special celebration. HAPPY HOLI !!!!!!
This Holi will bring lots and lots of colorful seasons and days in your life filled with plenty of happiness and love. Wish you a very Happy Holi”
Wishing you Holi filled with bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas, and melodious songs. Enjoy the best festive with your dear ones.
Forgive your haters and ill-wishers and remember those who are near & dear to you with splashing colors. Happy Holi
Break the ice, renew your old relationships & connect yourself with the colors of joy & happiness forever.” ― Happy Holi
You can not skip being coloured by me this time. Don’t just lock your self up all through the day, Holi hard because it comes only once in a year. Make the most of it. So please, play with me. I send you hearty wishes for the festival.
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