Who is GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan? Spouse, Fast Facts, Biography and Age

Tim Cadogan’s Biography

Tim Cadogan is the CEO of GoFundMe, Facebook raised eyebrows when it took down a page used by American truckers to organize a convoy to Washington DC. This came after fundraising site GoFundMe began refunding the $8 million in donations raised for a Freedom Convoy protesting Canada’s Covid vaccine mandates. The move to block fundraising has sparked the interest of GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan and his previous positions on Covid.

In a statement to Fox News, Facebook’s parent company Meta said the Convoy to DC 2022 group was fired for “repeatedly violating our policies on QAnon.” Jeremy Johnson, a trucker who started the group, later revealed that his personal Facebook account was also deleted. He subsequently spoke with a civil rights attorney to weigh his options moving forward. “It’s censorship at its finest,” Johnson said. “They like to silence people who tell the truth.”

Pro-vaxxer once lobbied Congress for Covid relief payments

GoFundMe CEO Cadogan has not commented publicly on Freedom Convoy’s fundraising, although he has previously stated that the company has a “responsibility to society” and therefore “we prohibit the promotion of misinformation, the promotion of hate or discrimination, or the use of a campaign to intimidate someone or discriminate, or promote violence or terrorism,” the Daily Mail reported.

Cadogan, who has a known history of being pro-vaccines, urged the US government to approve emergency Covid aid last year. Since then, he has criticized the federal response to the pandemic. During an interview with The New York Times last year, Cadogan said: “This is a war against a virus. If it was a war against another country on this scale, there would be no question what we would do, right? We would mobilize our society to defeat her.” He also stated that he would prefer the government to offer aid to citizens rather than to his company.

The tech executive, who previously ran OpenX technologies, wrote a letter to Congress that was published in USA Today, arguing that lawmakers failed to take action as citizens struggled to pay rent, buy groceries, utilities and health care. He also acknowledged how the pandemic had destroyed small businesses. Cadogan admitted that while GoFundMe claims to be “the most helpful place in the world,” it can’t do the job of government.

“We’re proud of the role GoFundMe plays in connecting those in need with those ready to help,” he wrote. “But our platform was never intended to be a source of support for basic needs, and can never be a replacement for robust federal COVID-19 relief that is generous and targeted to help the millions of Americans who are struggling. “.

Meanwhile, critics say GoFundMe has repeatedly changed its stance on whether to allow the Freedom Convoy fundraiser to continue. It was first frozen last week as soon as it passed $5 million in donations, and the company said it wanted to determine exactly where the funds went. After an explanation from the organizers, the account was unlocked two days later and donations were allowed to continue. Fundraising, however, was frozen again on Wednesday after days of political pressure from left-wing figures who branded the truckers “mercenaries.”

GoFundMe later released a statement saying, “This fundraiser is currently paused and under review to ensure it complies with our terms of service and applicable laws and regulations. Our team works 24/7 and goes to great lengths to protect both organizers and donors.” Thank you for your patience.” The company later clarified that the account had complied with its terms and conditions when it was established last month.

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