Nicknames For Boys & Meanings

86+ Nicknames For Guys & Meanings

Being in love, girls very often want to show their affection by using or inventing special nicknames for their husband, boyfriend, or guy crush. Our collection of nicknames for guys can be used for any man who has taken a special spot in your heart. It could be your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, son, nephew or male bestie. The whole purpose of calling a guy a cute nickname is to make the guy feel adored or loved.

Below, you will find cute nicknames for guys with their meanings. This collection will help you choose the perfect nickname for that special guy in your life.

Nicknames For Guys Based On Appearance

Hawk – Your guy is someone strong, cool and brave.
Tater Tot – A cute pet name for a short guy.
Sweet Bear – A cute nickname for a big and adorable guy.
Chubs – A cute name for fat guys.
Munchkin – Is he your short and adorable munchkin?
Rock – A cute nickname for a huge and powerful guy.
Swizzle-stick – A cute and funny term for slim boys.
Brownie – A brown eyed or tanned, sweet-natured shy guy.
Champ – Short for Champion; a fitting name for a confident boy.
Daddy – A cute and hot nickname for a confident guy.
Hot Shot – A hot nickname for a cute and confident guy.
Blue Eyes – if he has blue eyes.
Dimples – If he has irresistible dimples in his cheeks.
Tallest – Is he the tallest guy in the family? in school? among the gang?
House Mouse – Is he as tiny and troublesome as a mouse?
Burger King – No need to guess why he’s so big.
Meatball – A cute and funny nickname for a chubby guy.
Beanstalk – A cute term of endearment for a tall, slim guy.
Slim – A cute nickname for a slim dude.
String bean – A cute and funny name for a skinny boy.

Cute Nicknames For Guys And Meanings

Knight – this beautiful and poetic word can be used for a guy who makes a girl feel like a lovely lady.
Cutie – if the boy is romantic and sweet.
Dream Boat – A guy that gives you dreamy eyes.
Boogabear – A cute term for your boyfriend.
Panda – It is perfect for kind and calm guys.
Bambino – A cute nickname for a baby brother.
Jigar: A cute Indian nickname for an endearing guy.
Agapi-Mou – Greek for “my love”.
Bookworm – A cute nickname for a guy that loves reading.
Ace – An excellent nickname for a boyfriend who is a genius.
Godzilla – A cute term of endearment for a huge guy.
Tripod – Is he as tall and skinny as a tripod.
Chunkie Wunkie – A cute nickname for your favorite goofball.
Bunny Love – A s3xually attractive guy.
Dream Boat – A guy that gives you dreamy eyes.
Papi Chulo – A cute Spanish nickname for a ladies man.
Bitsy – A cute nickname for your tiny guy best friend.
Homie – The cutest nickname for a guy that has your back in all situations.
My All – A cute nickname for the love of your life.
Sugar Lips – A cute nickname for a guy with irresistible lips.

Romantic Nicknames For Boyfriend & Husband

. Papi
. Heart Throb
. Hero
. Honey Bear
. Sugar
. Hot Lips
. Sugarboo
. Hubby
. Baby Boo
. Bae
. Mi Amor
. Daddy
. Bambi
. Handsome
. My prince
. Huggy Bear
. One and Only
. Sugar Plm
. Bugaboo
. Jewel
. Mine
. My Heart
. Diamond
. Dew Drop
. My King
. Soul Mate
. Boo Thang
. Firecracker
. Darling
. Tiger

Funny Nicknames For Guys

Dummy – A cute and funny nickname for a hilarious and playful guy.
Banana – A funny nickname for a crybaby.
Half Pint – A cute and funny term of endearment used for a short guy.
Monkey – He is for sure a little hairy and knows how to get into any kind of trouble.
Scooby – He calls himself your real hero, but we know the truth!
Bathroom Grunter: A guy who makes strange noises in the bathroom.
Lone Ranger: A guy who sits alone in a romantic restaurant.
Monkey Buns – A funny word used to describe a funny guy.
Google head: A guy who knows more than ‘Google’ – a web fanatic.
Peanut – He is a great lover of peanuts.

Flirty Nicknames For Guys

Naughty Beast
Lady digger
s3xy Hulk
Huge Dangler
Wild Bear
Candy Stick
Hot Stuff
King Kong
S3xy Papi

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