70 Perfect Questions To Ask On A First Date

70 Perfect Questions To Ask On A First Date

Whenever you go out on a first date with someone the butterflies are going to stir up in your stomach and you are going to worry about all kinds of things. A good start will be to get yourself equipped with the right questions to ask your first date to strike up an interesting conversation.

We have compiled a list of perfect, funny and flirty questions to ask on a first date. Choose the questions you find most suitable and turn your first date to a long term relationship.

Perfect Questions To Ask On A First Date

Is there anything you don’t eat?
In one sentence what is your biggest concern right now?
Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?
What are you kind of obsessed with these days?
What do you do to unwind?
What do you like but are kind of embarrassed to admit?
Did you have a nickname when you were a kid?
What’s the worst first date you’ve ever been on?
What brought you to this city?
What kind of music do you like?
Do you have a best friend? if yes, How did you meet your best friend?
How much personal space do you need to be comfortable?
What could you spend all day talking about?
What TV series do you keep coming back to and re-watching?
What hobbies would you like to get into if you had the time and money?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Tell me about your closest friends.
What was the longest relationship you ever had?
What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?
What does a usual day look like for you?
What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?
Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person?
What is your favorite food?
What sort of vacations do you like to take?
How many times have you been in love & what did each experience teach you?
Where would your friends or family be most surprised to find you?
Who are your kind of people?
Among your friends, what are you best known for?
Who is the most fascinating person you’ve met?
How many siblings do you have?

Flirty First Date Questions For Him & Her

Wanna go somewhere quiet?
What’s Your Favourite Physical Feature?
What do You Find Most Attractive in a Potential Partner?
You drive me a little crazy, you know that?
How much deeper do you want me to fall for you?
What is your biggest turn-on in a guygirl?
Where can I get eyes like yours?
Describe your perfect first kiss?
How does a girl know you’re interested in her?
What is your wildest fantasy?
Did I just catch you checking me out?
Would you rather get a kis*s on the cheek or the mouth after the first date?
If you could spend an entire day with me, how would it look?
Can I keep staring at you?
What Are You Looking for in a Girl/Guy Right Now?
You know you’re the most beautiful person in the room, right?
What color are my eyes?
Do you have plans this weekend? Want to make some?
Are you a hopeless romantic?
What’s your type?

Funny First Date Questions For Him & Her

What fad did you never really understand?
What’s one thing that looks funny about me?
Which is the cheesiest pick up line someone has used on you?
What are some of your worst nicknames?
How many donuts can you fit in your mouth at once?
What’s the funniest dream you’ve ever had?
Will you call me after this date? or will you just run away?
What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real world?
How many seconds into the first movie theatre preview do you finish your bucket of popcorn?
What are your funniest moments in life?
What type of food can’t you live without?
Do you think cats have any regrets?
How quickly would you leave me for Chris Hemsworth?
Which cartoon character would you say you resemble most?
If you would be a DJ, what would your name be?
What was your worst job and why?
What’s the silliest fear you have?
Have you ever shit so hard you had to lie down after?
Have you ever drunk texted someone and later regretted it?
Why do banks have branches if money doesn’t grow on trees?

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