Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

There are many countries and cultures that have a Thanksgiving holiday or celebrations based around giving thanks. Families get together for dinner and fun as a Thanksgiving celebration is not complete without Turkey.

In this article, you will find a collection of Thanksgiving trivia questions. Celebrate Thanksgiving day with loved ones with these fun trivia questions and answers.

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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions & Answers

Q: How many townships of Kansas named after Turkey?
A: Three
Q: What part of Turkey is used in the good luck ritual on Thanksgiving Day?
A: Wishbone
Q: Which war inspired Abraham Lincoln to proclaim Thanksgiving an annual holiday?
A: American Civil War
Q: Turkeys can drown if they look up in the rain. True or False?
A: True
Q: People of which American state consume the highest amount of Turkeys?
A: California
Q: Who first wrote a series about Thanksgiving?
A: Sarah Josepha Hale
Q: Only America celebrates the day. True or false?
A: False
Q: Which year did the Thanksgiving day become an official Holiday?
A: 1941
Q: In which month, the Germans celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving Festival?
A: Early October
Q: The first Canadian Thanksgiving is often traced back to which year?
Q: Which American president termed thanksgiving’s national holiday as a ridiculous Proposition?
A: Thomas Jefferson
Q: Name the animated movie, which revolves around pardoning of a Turkey on Thanksgiving by the American President?
A: Free Birds
Q: What was the reason behind changing the day of thanksgiving in 1939?
A: Economic recession
Q: According to a worldwide report, approximately how much pumpkin pies are eaten on Thanksgiving?
A: 50 million
Q: Each year it is one of the most important parts of the Thanksgiving meal. But those who get pardoned from the President enjoy vacations. What’s that?
A: Turkey
Q: Which President shifted the Thanksgiving celebrations on the third Thursday of November?
A: Franklin Roosevelt
Q: The feathers of Turkey are used for?
A: Animal feed
Q: The word Turkey has originated from a Hebrew word. Tell that.
A: Tukki
Q: Name the bird that is the main course of most of the tables in the U.S. every Thanksgiving was once threatened with extinction.
A: Turkey
Q: Which country celebrates thanksgiving festival on the fifteenth of the eighth month of the lunar calendar?
A: Korea
Q: At least how many women participated in the first Thanksgiving festival?
A: Approximately 5
Q: Turkeys cannot fly. True or False?
A: True
Q: Name the Turkey pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2017?
A: Drumstick
Q: Who proclaimed the first nationwide Thanksgiving in America?
A: George Washington
Q: Which year did Macy’s Christmas parade changed its name to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?
A: 1927
Q: Which year did Virginia adopt thanksgiving and become the first among all states?
A: 1855
Q: How many feathers does a grown Turkey have?
A: 3,500 feathers.
Q: Which state firstly adopted Thanksgiving as a national holiday?
A: New York
Q: Name the food served at the first Thanksgiving but not presented now?
A: Sea Food
Q: Three thousand years back, the Native Americans domesticated Turkey for which of its thing?
A: Feathers
Q: There is a country which celebrates thanksgiving same as America, but on the first Thursday of November.Name that.
A: Liberia
Q: How much did the Turkey weighed that was pardoned by Donald Trump in 2017?
A: 36 pounds
Q: Female Turkeys gobble. True or false?
A: False, only males gobble.
Q: Who is known as the mother of Thanksgiving?
A: Sarah Hales
Q: When did Thanksgiving originate?
A: 1621
Q: Thanksgiving occurs on which Thursday of Every November?
A: Fourth
Q: Which sauce is a traditional sauce for Thanksgiving?
A: Cranberry Sauce
Q: Who opened the Plymouth Plantation, which also offers free Thanksgiving meals to the visitors?
A: Henry Hornblower
Q: Who was the captain of the ship “Mayflower”?
A: Christopher Jones
Q: Name the only place in Australia, which celebrates Thanksgiving?
A: Norfolk Island
Q: In Canada, when is Thanksgiving celebrated?
A: 2nd Monday of October
Q: Which American President announced Thanksgiving?
A: Abraham Lincoln
Q: Americans eat the weight of approximately which country’s population as Turkeys?
A: Singapore
Q: Which balloon was the first in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?
A: Felix the Cat
Q: Name the amino acid found in Turkey?
A: Tryptophan
Q: What’s the day before the Thanksgiving famous for?
A: Highest bar sales
Q: Where did the first Thanksgiving hold?
A: Plymouth
Q: Instead of balloons, what were included in the Macy’s first Thanksgiving parade?
A: Animals from the central park Zoo
Q: What was the name of Pilgrims’ ship?
A: The Mayflower
Q: Does England officially celebrate Thanksgiving?
A: No
Q: What was the original name of pilgrims?
A: Puritans
Q: The Pumpkins are native to North America, but where does the pumpkin pie have its origin?
A: England, Europe.
Q: What’s the original name of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
A: Macy’s Christmas Parade
Q: The aspect of eating Turkey at the Thanksgiving Day becomes a common practice in Canada. Who brought the tradition to the country?
A: United Empire Loyalists
Q: The meaning of Thanksgiving is?
A: Special blessings
Q: In 1541, who held the Thanksgiving celebration in Palo Duro Canyon?
A: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Q: What was the first TV dinner that was sold?
A: Turkey Dinner
Q: Which year the Continental Congress Proclaimed Thanksgiving in America?
A: 1777
Q: Upper Turkey foot and Lower Turkey foot are the two townships in which American state?
A: Pennsylvania
Q: In the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which balloon has appeared more than any other?
A: Snoopy Balloon
Q: For Americans, which game is as important as Turkey meal is?
A: Football
Q: After which year, all American territories and states begun celebrating Thanksgiving?
A: 1850
Q: What does Japan celebrate on 23rd November?
A: Labor Thanksgiving
Q: What’s the current name of the oldest Thanksgiving parade?
A: 6abc Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade
Q: Who voted for Turkey to be the national bird?
A: Ben Franklin
Q: What’s the other name for Thanksgiving Day?
A: Turkey Day
Q: How many Pilgrims included in the first Thanksgiving?
A: 50 Pilgrims
Q: Which cutlery item was invented after 10 years of the first Thanksgiving?
A: Forks
Q: How does America’s Thanksgiving Parade conclude?
A: With the arrival of Santa Claus.
Q: When do the people of Puerto Rico celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
A: Last Thursday of November
Q: Which American State produces the most Turkeys in the U.S?
A: Minnesota
Q: The Korean Thanksgiving festival lasts for how many days?
A: Three days
Q: Turkey was the part of the first Thanksgiving meal. Is the statement True or False?
A: False
Q: How many Wampanoag included in the first Thanksgiving?
A: 90
Q: The chicks of Turkey are known as?
A: Poults
Q: What’s the typical slaughter age of Turkey?
A: 4-5 months
Q: Who explored Canadian Thanksgiving?
A: Martin Frobisher
Q: When do the people of Norfolk Island celebrate Thanksgiving?
A: Last Wednesday of November
Q: In which year, America’s Thanksgiving Parade begin?
A: 1924
Q: Do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
A: Yes. That’s because it has traditional origins and not religious.
Q: Each year in the U.S., approximately how many Turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving Day?
A: 280 million
Q: For Americans, Thanksgiving is a national holiday. What’s that for the Canadians?
A: Statuary holiday
Q: Halloween is after Thanksgiving. True or false.
A: False
Q: America’s Thanksgiving Parade is an inspiration of which parade?
A: Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade
Q: Where did Pilgrims land in America?
A: Cape Cop
Q: Female Turkeys are called as?
A: Hens
Q: How many states of America provide two-thirds of the Turkeys used at Thanksgiving Day?
A: Six
Q: Name the American President who first pardoned a Turkey on Thanksgiving Day?
A: Henry Truman in 1947
Q: You must put already cooked (and fresh) stuffing in Turkey. True or False?
A: True
Q: According to estimation, baby turkeys are ugly. Is that true or false?
A: False
Q: Male Turkeys are called?
A: Toms
Q: Which year did the formality of pardoning Turkey begin?
A: 1989
Q: On Thanksgiving, what is the standard dessert for the Canadians?
A: Pumpkin Pie
Q: Mashed potatoes were served at the first Thanksgiving meal. Is that true or false?
A: False
Q: How many American towns are named after the nation’s bird?
A: 3
Q: Which place in Turkey is best for putting the meat thermometer?
A: A Thigh
Q: Which meat did the Native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving?
A: Deer
Q: When did the Congress approve fourth Thursday of November as a Thanksgiving Day?
A: 1941
Q: According to estimation, what percentage of American people eats Turkey on Thanksgiving?
A: 88 percent
Q: Americans eat Turkey on Thanksgiving. What do the Koreans eat?
A: Rice cake.

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