120 Best Date Ideas

120 Best Date Ideas

Dating is important for getting to know a love interest, and for sharing experiences throughout a relationship. Going on dates, whether as new lovers or old couples, helps to keep romance alive and strengthens the bond between lovers in a relationship.

Below, you will find a collection of 120 unique date ideas that will impress your date and lay the groundwork for a potentially lasting relationship.

Unique Date Ideas

Watch movies from your childhood night
Try to make convoluted cocktails
Take a train ride somewhere
Find the nearest small stream, make small boats, and then race them down the stream
Brew some beer together
Take turns listening to each other’s favorite songs
Take a Zumba class together.
Print and frame your favorite photos.
Do a seasonally themed date
Buy some cheap watercolor paint, get a drawing pad, do portraits of each other or dueling landscapes
Go to a local fundraising event
Sing karaoke.
Have a water gun/balloon fight
Take a sunset stroll
Drink and write dirty limericks
Go sky diving or bungee jumping
Have Brunch
Go On A Road Trip
Rent a skateboard or longboard and give it a go
Cook Dinner Together
Go foraging for edible plants and berries and make a meal with them
Buy a bunch of seeds and plant them all over in random places, see what grows over time
Do each other’s make up
Buy some kites and go fly them together
Have a spa day.
Create your own couple holiday including traditional food and activities and then celebrate it every year
Attempt to learn calligraphy
Go hunting or fishing together.
Take a DJing class together.
Go to a trivia night together.
Make cupcakes and decorate them with weird candy.
Visit a rock climbing gym together.
Build or paint a simple piece of furniture together.
Play Mad Libs together.
Make popcorn and hot cocoa and work on a puzzle together.
Learn the rules of a sport you don’t know much about and watch a game together
Pick a restaurant with a type of cuisine that neither of you has tried and give it a shot
Go to the cinema
Start learning a new language together
Play badminton in the park
Try your hands at movie / Halloween makeup and watch horror movies
Drive around looking for yard sales and see if you can find any cool stuff
Write each other love notes and spend the night reading them.
Go to the nearest amusement park or water park
Go Kart Racing
Go Horseback Riding
Enjoy a candlelight dinner together at your home or apartment.
Backyard camping or just go camping
Go star gazing
Go to the beach
Do yoga together with a twist
Rent a convertible sports car or luxury car and cruise around all day
Plan a picnic with your partner
Take a factory or brewery or bakery tour
Pretend to be an ultra-wealthy couple, test drive expensive cars or go to open houses
See what events are happening at the local university or college
Find a beautiful place to skip rocks
Make some YouTube videos, whether they be instructional, funny, or whatever
Get a couples massage together.
Go leaf peeping and see the beautiful autumn colors.

Irresistable Date Ideas

Take a dance lesson
Have a three-course dinner… at different places.
Play Charades
Play a sport or do an activity you are both horrible at or have never done
Enjoy a bonfire
Make a list of missions to accomplish and see how many you can get through
Rent / buy an instrument and learn to play it together
Listen to a podcast or audiobook together someplace nice
Take turns drawing a picture
Jacuzzi Date
Attend an outdoor concert.
Watch a movie beside a fireplace
Go bird watching
Decorate a Christmas Tree together
Play truth or dare.
Go ziplining
Go to a baseball game
Go fruit picking together.
Play pinball and switch between balls
Plant your own garden
Learn about local history and visit some historical spots
Find places that are supposedly haunted in your area and visit them at night
Go jogging
Write a story together
Choose a series of movies that you’ll both enjoy, and have a daylong movie marathon in your PJs
Make pizza together.
Windowshop together.
Go to a pumpkin patch.
Take a ferry ride
Do a photo shoot together with ridiculous outfits and crazy poses.
Give each other a foot soak, pedicure, and foot massage using fancy lotions.
Watch a movie you’ve both seen a bunch and try to make memes from it
Go to an aquarium or aquarium store
Go ice skating
Buy a load of modeling clay and see what you can make
Play fake tour guide/art expert
New food night (Try out some new food items that you have no idea if you will like or not.)
Attend a local festival together.
Head to the zoo
Go bowling

At Home Date Night Ideas

Make it a spa night. (Give each other massages)
Hand-feed each other.
Have a deep conversation
Make homemade pasta or pizza together.
Create an At-Home “Bookstore”
Enjoy a movie together
Take an Online Cooking Class.
Have a Craft Party
Take YouTube Dance Lessons
Take a virtual yoga class
Turn out all the lights and sit by the fireplace.
Pay Homage to the Year You Met
Take a Virtual Vacation
Play soft music and dance with a glass of champagne
Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle Together
Do a Blind Taste Test.
Ask each other romantic questions.
Have an Indoor Campout
Play a guessing game. Give each other random items, have the other person close their eyes, and guess what it is by any sense other than sight
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